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Application for Record Suspension (Pardon)


The impact of a Criminal Record :

If you have been convicted of a criminal offense, you now have a criminal record. This can have a big impact on your professional life or your private life. Pardon, also called record suspension is a procedure used to clear the criminal record and to act as if you had never committed the offense.

Delay for a Record Suspension :

Depending on the procedure used to prosecute you and the offense that has been committed, a record suspension may be made in 3, 5 or 10 years. If you have faced an absolute discharge, the request may be made after a period of 3 years. If your discharge was conditional , the time of the application will be 5 years . If proceedings against you were summarily , the application may be made ​​within 5 years and the period shall be 10 years in the case of a prosecution by indictment.

Requesting a Record Suspension for Travel :

However, if your main goal is to travel, asking for Pardon is not the right procedure. Refer to our section on the waiver.

How do I apply for a pardon ?

Please note that all requests for a criminal record suspension, as well as US Waiver applications are completed by lawyers specialized in the field.

To obtain a Pardon, please contact us at 514 990-3430 and one of our attorneys will handle your case.