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Criminal Harassment 

Criminal Harassment 

Section 264 of the Criminal Code 

What is Criminal Harassment?

According to the Criminal Code, criminal harassment is acting towards someone or saying something to someone in such a way that they feel harassed or frightened for their safety or that of their acquaintances. 

Following or attempting to contact a person repeatedly, even through another person, may constitute criminal harassment. However, depending on the gravity of the act, it may be sufficient for just one such gesture to bring an accusation against you. 


Penalties Related to Criminal Harassment 

If you are found guilty of such an offense you could face up to a maximum of 10 years of imprisonment. 


How to Defend Yourself Against a Charge of Criminal Harassment? 


Different defenses may apply depending on your case in order to obtain an acquittal. Our clients at MC2 Lawyers Inc. have the advantage of being able to obtain the desired results during negotiations, such as an absolute discharge. 


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