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Mischief is provided for in section 430 of the Criminal Code

What is Mischief?

According to the Criminal Code, a person who destroys, deteriorates or renders something dangerous may be accused of mischief.  

Additionally, a person who prevents another person from using his property may also be prosecuted for mischief. 

Penalties for Mischief :

If you are convicted of such an offense, you could face a life sentence in prison. It should be noted that the value of the property in question would influence the sentence. 

How to Defend Against a Charge of Mischief? 

If you are accused of mischief, please contact us so that we can evaluate, as a part of our first meeting, your chances and strategies for a defense. 

Indeed, it is possible to invoke the defense of legal justification or excuse and color of right. There are several factors that can influence your case and our lawyers can help you. Contact us immediately at 514-990-3430!