Penal Law and Highway Safety Code

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You want to assert your rights in front of the Municipal Courts or Courthouses of Quebec;

You are not satisfied with the judgment rendered against you at your trial;

You want to be assisted by a lawyer who knows all the issues related to traffic offences during your trial;

You paid by mistake a statement of offense causing the suspension of your driver’s license;

You were found guilty by default for a traffic ticket but you did not want to lose your driver license or demerit points;

Your car was seized and you would like to recover it as soon as possible;

Your license is suspended and you want to know how to get it back.


Did you know?

Demerit points does not only affects your driving record, but can also affects your insurance premium.

Therefore it’s important to minimize the impacts of a violation of the Highway Safety Code.

In addition, the time is against you, there are deadlines that must be respected!

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Penal Law and Highway Safety Code ( SAAQ ) Offence :