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Properly Preparing for the SAAQ Summary Assessment

What is the SAAQ Summary Assessment ?

Following criminal charges for drinking and driving, the Société de l’Assurance Automobile du Québec(SAAQ) will automatically suspend your driver’s licenses for 90 days.

After this suspension, you may be required to undergo a summary risk assessment to re-obtain your driver’s license during the Court proceedings. 

Failure to attend this assessment or a non-favourable outcome will automatically result in an extension of the suspension being applied to your driver’s license. This period can range anywhere between 9 to 18 months.

Receiving a Non-Favourable Summary Assessment Outcome :

In the event that the summary assessment is not favourable, you will have to pass a second assessment: the comprehensive assessment of the risk of re-offending. This has serious financial consequences and may lead to an extension of the suspension already in place.

How to Prepare for the SAAQ Summary Assessment :

Do not wait to fail your summary assessment ! Contact an experienced MC2 Lawyers Inc. to prepare you for this assessment. 

With such preparations, you will avoid many worries.

Appealing a Non-Favourable Summary Assessment :

In the event of a non-favourable result to your summary assessment, you have a short delay to appeal this decision.

Quickly contact an experience lawyer at 514 990-3430 to validate whether you are eligible for such a procedure and if so, to begin the necessary steps.